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Sean Michael Davis + Urban Outfitters


Sean Michael Davis + Urban Outfitters


This is my Good pal

Sean Michael Davis


Sean is a Graphic Designer working in Atlanta at AKQA. He has a killer eye for design, a super rad dog named Charlie, and a beautiful apartment that quite probably is the most aesthetically pleasing (and internet famous) studio loft in all of Atlanta.

Someone once asked me about my friends if I'd rather have 100 pennies or 4 quarters and I'm not sure I want to decide between the two but if I had to, Sean would definitely be a quarter. He's a genuine, rad guy that is always down for an adventure or a thought-provoking conversation and I was so proud to get to shoot these little snapshots into his life for UO.


Cheers to friendship!


If this is boring you,

Then go check out Sean's Interview with UO on


That is, if you're actually interested in him.

Highly unlikely, i know.



also Sean's Instagram is killer so

Thanks Friends. He appreciates it.